post th sad things all day

the best caption contest.


the best caption contest.

elson unintentionally hot bergstrom

Promotional art thing?????

Promotional art thing?????

anyone know any good sad songs.






i dunno i think i can handle all the lost desert you can throw at me aka shove lost desert headcanons down my throat it's all i live for

one day i really just need to make a comic as quickly as i can about the pre-plot events.

then we can all suffer from my headcanons properly, in the form of chickenscratch art.




really jazan

ur journal is a fuckin stone tablet

r u srs rn

just imagine jazan having a really bad day so he immediately decides to whine about it by engraving it in stone

"Dear journal, my dad is suuuuch a huge fart face."

dont ask me about things involving the lost desert plot, or qasala specifically bc I’ll write you a whole book

whats ur opinion on the phrase "Qasala was known for their weaponry, and will be once more." that the weapons shopkeeper says


I actually have a headcanon about this!! And a large part of Sheri and Layla’s characters came from it.

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I hope you don't mind me asking what art program you use to make your beautiful fantastic art owo

Depends on what I need to do!

For illustrations and still images I use paint tool sai, and photoshop for finishing touches.

For animation I use just photoshop.